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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wednesday's Useless Insects Facts

Hi again it is Wednesday. I hope everyone is feeling well today. I thought I would share with you some useless facts about insects for todays blog topic. So here we go.....

  1. The penis of a male spider is located in the end of one of its legs. 
  2. Ants have slaves from other conquered ant tribes.
  3. Mosquitoes are attracted to the colour blue.
  4. Poisonous snakes kill less people worldwide then the honey bee does.
  5. The ant has the largest brain in proportion to its body size then any other animal.
  6. A cockroach can survive a couple of weeks with its head cut off.
  7. Termites are part of the cockroach family.
  8. The female bee is the only bee that works in the hive. The male bee job is just to fertilize the queen bee.
  9. A dragon fly only lives for 24 hours.
  10. Insects eat 1/3 of the earths food crop each year.
  11. There are 200 million insects for each human.
  12. Mayflies only live one day.
  13. A moth does not have a stomach.
  14. Bees have 4 wings.
  15. Scientists have preformed brain surgery on cockroaches
  16. Crickets use there knees to hear.
  17. Only 4 out of 20,000 species of bees make honey.
  18. Using the sun as a compass the honey bee navigates this world.
  19. Flies taste with there feet.
  20. Antartica is the only land mass were butterflies and moths are not found.

Well I hope you enjoyed some of these useless insects facts for today. I will post a new blog very soon. Have yourself a wonderful Wednesday. Please fill free to post a comment below, and I thank you for taking the time for reading this blog.

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